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Buried in Light
2016, India/ France, 16mm, 8', colour, sound

Somewhere in the forests of the sub-conscious, a sleepwalker journeys through the remains of a lost city. Here the people and animals have become part of the architecture, the finer details of which are revealed through the moving light of the sun. Echoes of a possible past are heard in all corners. This place is now a somnambular archaeological site, lost in the no man's land between dream and memory.

Original sounds by Minor Villain

Film processing by Filmlab Mumbai, India
Scanning by Gauge Film, UK
Post-production at Université Paris 8, France

Many thanks to
The City of Chandigarh
Borna Radnik

In memoriam
Nek Chand Saini (1924-2015)

Exhibition format: DCP, ProRes 422 HQ

23.06.23, 20;00 : Perceptual Poetics, Echoes from South Asia, Berlin, Germany
21.08.20, 19.30: Glasgow Short Film Festival (online), Scotland
21.09.18, 19.00: Festival DOBRA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
25.05.18, 19.00: Fracto, Berlin, Germany
30.11.17, 14.15: Experimenta India, Bangalore, India
19.11.17, 21.15: L'Alternativa, Barcelona, Spain
14.11.17, 20.30: L'Alternativa, Barcelona, Spain
22.10.17, 19.00: L'Âge d'Or Film Festival, Belgium
08.10.17, 15.15: BFI London Film Festival, UK
02.07.17, 16.10: Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland
29.06.17, 20.40: Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland
11.06.17, 15.30: Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Germany
09.06.17, 19.30: Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Germany
29.04.17, 18.00: European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany
24.04.17, 19.00: Images Festival, Toronto, Canada
16.12.16, 22.00: La Capella, Paris, France
10.12.16, 21.00: Alternative Film/Video Festival, Serbia