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Film Essays, Interviews and Articles

"The Wanderer's Home Movies: An Interview with Basma Alsharif", Projectorhead Eleven (India), June 2016

"The Eye Hears, The Ear Sees: An investigation into the visual influences of sound in film", La Furia Umana -issue 27 (Italy), April 2016

"An Era of Soft Economics", Projectorhead Eight (India), January 2013

"Searching for Metaphors in The Tree of Life", Projectorhead Four (India), September 2011

"Try that with a Red: An Interview with Martin Ruhe", Projectorhead Four (India), September 2011

"The Steadiest Shoulder in Filmmaking: An Interview with Matthias Grunsky", Projectorhead One (India), April 2011

"The Architecture of Mamoru Oshii Films", Indian Auteur #12 (India), September 2010

"The Space Race: Solyaris and 2001", Indian Auteur #7 (India), November 2009

"The Rise of a New German Cinema", Indian Auteur #6 (India), October 2009

"Cine épico hollywoodense y formatos inusuales de pantalla", Televicio Webzine (Spain), October 2008 (translated to Spanish by Darío Lavia)