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Ethel Stein
2019, France, 2 x 16mm, infinite loop, B&W, silent

A reimagining of the 16mm projector as a weaving loom. This installation is a super-imposed double 16mm projection. One reel contains horizontal lines and the other contains vertical lines, these represent the warp and weft yarns of a loom. Each reel is of a different length and they are meant to be launched from a random frame, technically providing a never ending pattern of checks.

The lines in both reels of the installation are errors encountered while recording an old Russian Betacam tape. The title is an homage to the American artist Ethel Stein (1917-2018) who primarily worked with the medium of weaving.

Film processing and Post-production at L'Abominable, France

Many thanks to:
Guillaume Mazloum
Cassandra Garcia Riesco
Stefano Miraglia
Baptiste Jopeck
Constantin Jopeck
Arsène Prat

Exhibition format: 16mm

13.07.19 - 14.07.19 : Le Dôme Festival, Montbazon, France Stein.jpg